About Xana d’Art


Great art picks up where nature ends

My name is Ksenia, an artist with an insatiable drive towards creativity and art. My artworks are a window into my soul, and I sincerely believe that art can have a positive impact on the world and inspire people’s hearts.

The journey of mine into the art world has started a long time ago, and with each new canvas and new idea, I became closer to myself and the infinite ocean of creativity. My works reflect my inner sense of the world, where each brushstroke becomes a quill, and the canvas becomes a page on which my thoughts, feelings, and dreams come alive. I create to shar emy inner world with the world around me.

Beautiful moments in life, nature and the essence of humanity always inspire my works. My artistic style, developed throughout this years, is a symphony of colors and techniques, where each note presents new challenges and opportunities. I never stop searching for new expressions and forms of artistic expression.

My art is constantly evolving, and I strive for diversity. Getting acquainted with new techniques, materials, and styles is my passion that allows me to push the boundaries of art.

I sincerely hope that my artworks will spark your interest and bring you joy. Thank you for choosing to explore my portfolio. I am delighted to address any questions you may have, and if you wish to view the images, I would be more than happy to share them with you.

After completion of my professional education at the famous embroidery school “École Lesage” in Paris (2020), I realised that creativity has no limits, and I am always ready to go beyond the horizon and create something unique and unusual.

“My mission is not only to create art but also to inspire others, as well as to teach and share experiences. I want to be part of the transformation of art and bring new ideas and perspectives to this amazing creative world.”


If you look up, you see no borders